SU.PR – URL Shortening Plus Tracking

by admin on June 30, 2009

So the common problem with Twitter (or any microblog) is that most URLs are too long to fit into a 140 character message (and still have room for the message).

There have been a few solutions for this, my favorite at this time is a Stumbleupon tool that serves double duty

  • Shortens the URL
  • Tracks how many people clicked it and at what time
  • Shows who retweeted the shortened URL
  • One click to submit to Stumbleupon
  • Shows who ‘liked’ it in Stumbleupon in the lower right

Here is a pretty good review of the tool by Tim Ferriss

The url for the tool is – it may still be in beta but you should be able to use the code suprbeta to get an account.

Below are SU.PR screenshots from an article on Viral Video Metrics I wrote for Talentzoo and tweeted.



Do you have a URL shortening tool that you prefer? Tell us why it’s great!

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