Paid Inclusion

by admin on November 19, 2009

For years Yahoo has had a paid inclusion program called Search Submit. You would pay a small fee to get hundreds of URLs listed in the Yahoo “Organic” listings (of course, this makes it slightly less “Organic”) but, ethics aside this has been a great program and I’ve seen it make a lot of companies great return on investment especially for ecommerce. The fact that this program was a great way to develop low cost highly targeted traffic was a not-so-closely guarded secret among ecommerce experts, many of which were upset to hear that Yahoo would end Search Submit this year.


Surprisingly a similar program may be re-emerging from the most unlikely of sources. Google has been a long time critic of any type of program that would spoil the impeccable standards of their search results. As this article discusses, the examples of Google experimenting with paid inclusion was within Google Products Search – whether that makes it less fishy is a judgment call.

Status: Confirmed – SSP is dead.

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